Sunflower welcome


Welcome to the Red Class blog

Welcome to our new blog, which we’ve set up so you can all see what we get up to in Red Class. The tabs at the top and on the sidebar take you to different areas of the blog. The sidebar also has links to the blogs of other classes and teams working at Lauriston, as well as links to sites with some good games and activities to play at home.

Please feel free to leave any comments in the “families” section – this is your blog just as much as it is ours. Enjoy!

Spring is sprung

To celebrate the arrival of Spring and in line with this half-term’s topic, which is “Growth”, we have all been out planting sunflowers and watering the seeds to help them to grow. We’ve also been out and about collecting twigs for our tree pictures, which are soon to be displayed in Red Class! Whilst digging around we found a couple of interesting creatures out enjoying the sun too…





Recently we all had a go at bubble painting, using straws to make bubbles in coloured water… we had a lot of fun and made a right mess, but also produced some lovely work, which is hopefully all now being displayed at home!



World Book Day

The 1st of March was World Book Day and we joined the whole school in the hall for quiet reading at the end of the day. Lots of us took books we had made and read them to each other and to the teachers.

Some of the full-timers have been writing stories using pictures, which they enjoy sharing during their quiet reading time at midday. Now you can have a peek at what they get up to!